The ideal areas for access flooring

Office Space

Team floors is designed to endow costumers with professional quality in the field of Raised access floor, carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, sports flooring and wooden Flooring etc. our expertise lies in meeting the clients requirements at ease. We are directly related to interior fit out companies and consultants. Our installation team consists of professional engineers and technicians who satisfy the customers with pace and quality service. The company aims to amalgamate the various faculties involved in the realization of flooring, through perfect management and execution.

LEOR access flooring products are made with office environment in mind. The aesthetic, flexibility and efficiency of LEOR floors help create a perfect office space. Electrical wires and cables can be brought up through the floor and placed in any location as needed.

Under floor electrical cables allow you to create better workspace. Additions and alterations are simple by detaching the modular connector, moving the electrical box to where ever needed and connecting it. LEOR access floors provide a foundation, in which you can build great office spaces, encourages productivity, adaptability and provides unlimited creative opportunities.

Improves air quality and temperature control by conditioning a space from the floor, instead of the ceiling. Adding under floor air beneath an access floor creates an ideal work environment thus reducing your operating expenses.

The Ideal Office Environment

LEOR access floors are engineered for reliability, safety and installation ease. It gain all the benefits of access floor while having a solid and quiet foundation to walk on.

Data Centers

A perfect data center environment requires the ability to handle a large number of data cable and a flooring system that performs with a high rolling and static load capacity. Leor access floor system address all of these needs in a high adaptable space that provides the ability to respond quickly and easily to clients all while being cost effective in both construction and operation.

Educational Institutions

Ideal for setting labs and office space for educational institutions.

Showrooms & Exchange Counters

Team Floors flooring products are made with office environment in mind. The aesthetic, flexibility and efficiency of team floors help create a perfect office space.

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